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Jeffrey Goldstein is an MBA professional with 12+ years China/Asia based experience. Building partnerships, maximizing profitability and mitigating operational risks between US and Asia supply-chains, he has developed a strong network of suppliers, brands and retailers including Columbia Sportswear, Under Armor, Wal-Mart, Target, Carrefour, Dell, Tencent, and Taiwan Mobile.

Since establishing Onward Global in 2017, Jeffrey has serviced companies manufacturing and selling a wide variety of consumer and industrial goods including outdoor equipment, apparel, IT accessories, toys, jewelry, home textiles, water filter systems, and more.

Between 2011-16, Jeffrey directed global sourcing, manufacturing and ethical compliance for a leading US sporting goods company. He managed annual procurement negotiations in the tens of millions of dollars, oversaw relations and training of 50+ suppliers across Asia, and helped HQ develop and launch 100+ new products. Pioneer of the company's CSR program, Jeffrey worked with the world’s largest retailers to study supply-chain challenges and develop best practice corrective action plans.

In 2016-17, Jeffrey was engaged by a digital media start-up representing 2x NBA MVP Stephen Curry. He oversaw organizational development in China including company establishment, legal compliance, team recruitment, SOP development, reporting protocols, and localization efforts across product, technology, and entertainment media.

Jeffrey has an MBA from Tongji University in Shanghai ('16). He also studied Chinese Politics and Sino-US Relations at Fudan University in Shanghai ('08) and Peking University in Beijing ('06). He received a BA in International Studies from the University of Denver ('08).


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