What Makes Onward Global Unique?

Developing business through personal introductions and word of mouth, Onward Global exclusively represents its clients and does not represent suppliers or other supply-chain participants. Onward Global is YOUR man on the ground! This ensures alignment and effective representation while engaging your team, suppliers, and distribution partners. Services, deliverables and terms are clearly defined prior to each new engagement to ensure prioritization, transparency, and a result giving you full control of our achievements upon completion.

Jumping in Where, When, and How You Need Me

Examples of Client Engagements
Ready to start new product development and in need of a qualified supplier?
Onward Global will work with your team to understand your products and objectives and then identify 3-5 prospective suppliers capable of meeting your costing, R&D, quality and capacity needs.
Already manufacturing in China/Asia and curious if your supply-chain is operating at maximum efficiency?
Onward Global can audit your suppliers, systems and existing China/Asia team, helping evaluate strengths & weaknesses and proposing ways to increase transparency and optimization.
Anticipating significant growth and needing a part-time Operational Manager?
Onward Global can help you scale and to oversee suppliers, staff recruitment, production, quality assurance, and more. Consider Jeffrey your partner, working with your team to strategize, develop and execute.


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