Onward Global is your Western-led consulting & contracting partner in Asia. Seamlessly becoming YOUR “Team on the Ground,” we provide operational leadership, executional support, and expertise focused on elevating your supply chain’s efficiency, transparency and compliance.

Be it a short, mid or long-term engagement, Onward Global exclusively represents YOU. This guarantees alignment with your objectives, maximizes your leverage over suppliers, and provides you complete ownership of the achievements we accomplish together.

Diversifying manufacturing outside China is top of mind for many businesses, and Onward Global has led this effort, expanding from China into Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Our teams and expertise there now allow companies to secure procurement longevity and excel over the competition.

How Can We Help?

Sourcing & Supplier Strategy

Directly partner with Asia's best suppliers. From identifying and seamlessly onboarding them to enhancing existing supplier performance and accountability, feel secure about where and how your products are made.

Product Development & Expertise

Accelerate product launch by leveraging our material and process expertise to develop quality and cost-effective products on schedule. Our standardization practices also ensure mass production feasibility to avoid future risks or delays.

Optimize Existing Operations

Scaling towards next-level growth? Optimize your infrastructure, formalize procedures, and capitalize on untapped potential. Gain a sustainable competitive edge with our proven best practices.

Production Oversight & Quality Assurance

"On the ground" means overseeing production planning, quality, and on-time shipments. Rest assured, knowing fulfillment is secured before a product ever leaves Asia.

Ethics, Risk & Compliance

Shield your business from risks like unauthorized sub-contracting, IP theft, and product recalls. We maximize your operational transparency and term enforceability, empowering you to invest confidently.

Team Training & Management

Bridge cultural divides between your HQ and existing local teams. Whether you need Western or local executives, we offer the support required to train, empower and drive their performance.

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