Onward Global’s mission is to simplify international supply-chain management for growth-driven businesses. Being hands-on, efficient, and transparent in how we operate, we provide companies piece of mind knowing they can deliver, satisfy customers, and increase competitive advantage.

Founded by Jeffrey Goldstein, who has lived 12+ years in China representing international companies in Asia, Onward Global has organically grown through personal introductions and word of mouth.  

Over the years, Onward Global has worked with brands and retailers across a wide range of supply-chain challenges & opportunities, giving us a unique understanding of how companies can most effectively source, develop and manufacture to ensure long-lasting success.

Consumer and industrial goods expertise includes outdoor equipment, bags & apparel, electronic appliances, tactical equipment, home & kitchenware, automotive components, toys, jewelry, and more.

Our success is your success;
Let’s elevate Onward!
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